Child Protection Case Management Services in Karukh District - Herat

International Rescue Committee

Last updated: 12/25/2023


The International Rescue Committee (IRC) provides case management services in Razi town of Karukh district in Herat province for vulnerable children needing protection. The IRC's Child Protection Department is leading the effort to identify and support children who are at risk of or have experienced family separation, violence, abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

The IRC's gender-balanced team of caseworkers is dedicated to providing immediate support to these children and addressing their unique needs. The team works closely with families to ensure that children are safe and protected from harm.

Providing specialized case management services is a major step towards protecting vulnerable children and ensuring they receive the care and support they need. The IRC is committed to continuing its efforts to promote child protection and safeguard the rights of children in need.

Accessibility and Additional Information

Qualified individuals and families who need the services above in the Karukh district of Herat province can contact the staff of the IRC. People in need can go to the field office of the International Rescue Committee in this province and ask for help. Also, contact the Information Center by phone and ask their questions regarding these services. The office address, days, and working hours of this office are given below:

International Rescue Committee Address: House #24 - Infront of Ferdosi 23, Jada-e-Mokhberat, District 3, Herat.

Service time: every week from Sunday to Thursday from 08:00 am to 04:00 pm.

Information Center: People who need humanitarian services can ask via the "Beporsed" website, WhatsApp number (0729807235), or the Facebook Messenger of this online platform to get information and answers to their questions. The "Beporsed" team provides information online to those in need of humanitarian services of international organizations and, if necessary, refers the needy to the relevant departments to receive and access the services.

Key Points

·        An appointment is required to provide and discover this service;

·        This service is officially closed on holidays;

·        The services are completely free;

·        The place or building where this service is provided has suitable facilities and is accessible to all clients;

·        The builing does not have a elevator to move clients, but the employees are ready to help you in this office;

·        People who do not have the ability to hear and speak, are informed and understood in sign language;

·        In addition to men, there are also female employees as part of the team to serve you;

·        The men's and women's restrooms are separate and accessible to all clients;

·        These services are provided in Pashto, Dari, and English languages.

Note: To know the exact location of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) office on Google Maps, click on the following address:

Opening Hours

08:00 - 04:00
08:00 - 04:00
08:00 - 04:00
08:00 - 04:00
08:00 - 04:00


House #24 - Infront of Ferdosi 23, Jada-e-Mokhberat, District 3, Herat