The recent series of devasting earthquakes in Herat province has disrupted the education system, leaving many students and parents concerned about the resumption of classes. While the authorities on national and international organizations are working diligently to restore normalcy, it is crucial for students to continue their education during this challenging time.

In this guide, we provide practical advice and information on how to ensure children's learning is not interrupted and how to support them through this difficult period.

1. Continuing Education Until Schools Resumption

1.1 Ensuring Safety During Education

The safety of children and teachers is of utmost importance. Follow the instructions of local authorities and humanitarian organizations to ensure their safety. In case of any evacuation orders, move to designated safe areas.

Education partners, including UNICEF, are working to set up temporary learning spaces using available resources like tents. These spaces will be equipped with teaching and learning materials. Encourage your children to actively participate in these temporary learning spaces and emphasize the importance of education even during challenging times.

1.2 Education in Emergencies (EiE) Package

The Education in Emergencies (EiE) package is designed to address the immediate needs of affected girls and boys. It prioritizes psychosocial support (PSS) and recreational activities to help children cope with the impact of the earthquakes.

The temporary learning spaces will also have basic Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) facilities, including drinking water and toilets. Encourage your children to actively participate in these temporary learning spaces and emphasize the importance of education, even in challenging times.

2. Updates on School Reopening

2.1 Tent Distribution

Preliminary information indicates that seven schools in Zindajan and Gularan districts were destroyed and require temporary learning spaces. To ensure uninterrupted learning, sixty tents, teaching and learning materials, and floor mats will be provided.

It is crucial to stay informed about the distribution of these resources and ensure your children are registered with the relevant authorities. By registering, your children will receive the necessary support and resources needed to continue their education. Stay connected with local community organizations and authorities to receive updates on additional support for the most affected villages.

2.2 Additional Support

The distribution of tents and teaching and learning materials will be based on the assessment of the most affected villages. It is crucial to stay informed about updates regarding additional support for the most affected villages. Stay connected with local community organizations and authorities to receive information about available resources. This will ensure that you can access the necessary support for your children's education. Keep track of announcements and engage with relevant organizations to stay updated on the distribution of resources and additional assistance for the affected areas.

3. Addressing Children's Concerns

3.1 Encouraging Attendance

It is essential to emphasize that all children should have access to safe and quality education, even during difficult times. As schools and community-based classes resume, parents and caretakers play a crucial role in supporting their children's attendance. Motivate your children by highlighting the importance of education for their future and reassure them that their safety is a top priority. Encourage them to actively participate and engage in learning opportunities as they become available. By providing encouragement and emphasizing the value of education, you can help ensure their continued attendance.

3.2 Ensuring Safety and Reassurance

Ensuring Safety and Reassurance: Parents should prioritize knowing the whereabouts of their children and ensuring their safety during this period. Stay informed about safety measures implemented in temporary learning spaces and child-friendly areas. Maintain open communication with your children, listen attentively to their concerns, and reassure them that measures are being taken to provide a conducive and secure learning environment. By actively addressing their safety and offering reassurance, you can help alleviate their worries and provide them with a sense of security and hope.

3.3 Providing Emotional Support

It is crucial to recognize that children require extra attention and care during and after challenging situations like earthquakes. Parents can provide emotional support by offering a safe environment, actively listening, speaking kindly, and providing reassurance, playtime, and affection. Create opportunities for your children to express their concerns and fears, and offer comfort, understanding, and emotional support. Engage in activities that help them relax, express themselves, and build resilience. By providing a nurturing and supportive environment, you can help them cope with their emotions and navigate through this difficult period.

3.4 Facilitating Communication

Encourage your children to share their concerns and hopes with you. Allow them to engage in activities with their friends and participate in daily life, including helping with family tasks. Create opportunities for your children to express their thoughts, concerns, and hopes. Foster a sense of community by encouraging them to connect with friends and participate in daily life activities. By facilitating communication and social interaction, you can help your children feel connected, supported, and part of a community during the recovery process.


Amidst the recent devastating earthquakes in Herat province, it's important to prioritize your children's education and well-being. Stay informed and utilize available resources to ensure their learning continues. Encourage their attendance, provide emotional support, and stay connected with local authorities for updates on additional support.

By prioritizing education and supporting your children, you can help them navigate this challenging time and build a brighter future. Remember, education is a powerful tool for overcoming adversity and creating a better tomorrow, and your children's education is essential even in times of adversity..

This article is intended to provide general guidance and support to the readers impacted by the earthquake in Herat province. It is important to stay informed through official announcements and cooperate with local authorities for the most up-to-date information and assistance.

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