Below is a list of organizations that help artists, journalists, scholars, and activists under threat. We are independent from the organizations below and does not operate or manage any of the programs or resources linked below.

For journalists

An organization called the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)  helps some people who are in danger because they are journalists. This website explains how to contact the Committee to Protect Journalists.

For activists

The organizations and Front Line Defenders help some people who are in danger because they are human rights activists. They also have lists of resources and information that may be helpful for activists.

For writers and artists 

The organization ICORN helps some writers and artists who are in danger because of opinions or ideas expressed through professional work or art. Information on applying for an ICORN residency is here. However, as of February 2023, ICORN is not accepting new applications. ICORN also has a list of other residencies, scholarships, and grants, a list of human rights and free expression organizations, and a list of mobility and arts rights organizations.

For scholars

An organization called the Scholars at Risk helps some people who are in danger because they are scholars. This website explains how to contact Scholars at Risk.

Ask for help from "Beporsed"

For those Afghans seeking specific information, "Beporsed" is here to help. You can reach our information center through WhatsApp (+93729807235), Facebook Messenger, or our website's Messenger to ask our online information desk officer for assistance.

For more information

For more information on immigration, resettlement, education and scholarship programs, and other opportunities available to Afghans worldwide, as well as details on the humanitarian services provided by international organizations in Afghanistan and procedures for obtaining civil documents from governmental institutions, please visit Beporsed's website and social media pages.

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