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It is not difficult to find a smuggler, especially through media, networks, and social tools. It is easy to find the person or people who are either really smuggling people or claiming to be. For this reason, there are many stories of fraud by smugglers or their disappearance. Many in Afghanistan, Iran, or Turkey find travelers with their tongues, reach an agreement with them, take their money, and then disappear. or leave the passengers after leaving for Greece; Of course, Greece is the first country in the European Union that Afghan asylum seekers step into.

In addition to this hidden cooperation, another institution is also involved, and that is the exchanges. With the boom of human trafficking among Afghans and even the fame of Afghan smugglers, it has reached the ears of many travelers as the best counterfeiters and fraudsters. Many travelers, in agreement with the smuggler, pay all the expenses before starting the trip. Many of them are also abandoned in the middle of the road. But with the decrease of trust between smugglers and travelers, the exchange institution comes to know that sometimes travelers are cheated in this way.

Travelers leave the fees agreed with the smuggler at the money exchange with whom the smuggler cooperates. These exchanges are connected and work in the form of a network. A smuggler in Afghanistan may cooperate with an exchange in Germany, Britain, or any other country, or a smuggler who lives in France may cooperate with an exchange inside Afghanistan. According to the agreement between the smuggler and the traveler, this money will be released from the money changer when the traveler has reached the destination.

But the danger that threatens the traveler for fraud may be encountering the money changer's office and place of business, which has been created in a false form for some time, or the traveler may be taken hostage by the smuggler in the travel houses in the middle of the journey, and the family or the contact with the money changer is forced to release the money.

At the same time, exchanges inside Afghanistan are not necessarily linked to the central bank. There is an office in a commercial building, when meeting with travelers, some cashier colleagues pretend to be other travelers and give the fake forms they have prepared to the travelers. After a few months, there is no news of that exchange in the same commercial building.

In this article, we discuss 10 tricks of smugglers to encourage and deceive Afghans to immigrate illegally.

Tricks of smugglers

Human trafficking is a criminal and horrific business. Every year, thousands of asylum seekers are put in danger due to false promises and greed of smugglers. Also, many people die by trusting these greedy people.

Smugglers use lies and false promises to attract customers gain windfall profits and spread illegal immigration. This has caused the death of many Afghan refugees every year, which we remind you below:

1- European countries are in crisis: according to the smugglers, the authorities of European countries are facing an economic crisis due to the lack of workers and accepting everyone as an asylum seeker. So now is the right time to cross the borders and enter the territory of European countries, especially Germany! But this is not true at all.

2- Pretend to be asleep while controlling the borders! In this situation, the police officers are legally not allowed to wake you up, so you cross the border easily! This claim is a big lie. There is no law that prevents border agents from inspecting. Even when you are sleeping; They will wake you up interrogate you and ask you for the reason and necessary documents to immigrate to the respective country.

3- Pregnant women get asylum sooner: Traffickers often deceive asylum-seeking women with the lie that pregnant women have a higher chance of receiving asylum. This is a complete lie. Asylum is granted only to persons who meet the conditions of asylum. They can also prove these conditions and claims in the relevant courts or institutions.

4- Asylum with full life security: Smugglers usually claim that the ship or boat we use to transport you during illegal immigration is completely safe and spacious, as one would imagine these boats are equipped with cinemas and amusement parks. But it's the other way around because smugglers benefit from using small and dilapidated boats to transport asylum seekers. That's why they always hire the cheapest and smallest boats to transport asylum seekers. Every year, countless asylum seekers drown in the sea and lose their lives and property due to smugglers’ profit. This happens while the smugglers do not have any legal responsibility towards the asylum seekers.

5- People under the age of 18 get asylum more easily: People who are under the age of eighteen are granted asylum quickly. Therefore, if you declare that you are under eighteen years old, you will be granted asylum without any process. This is a false claim because age has no bearing on asylum in Germany. Even people under the age of eighteen must prove that their lives were in danger in their country or that they fled from fear of war and terror.

6- Refugees receive money from countries: Countries give some cash to welcome asylum seekers upon arrival. This talk is a big lie. No country and no government pays any asylum seeker a welcome fee. It is interesting to know that in most countries of the world, neither the government nor the people have a good view of a refugee. Because their presence in the destination country will not have any benefit for them.

7- Gives a house to refugees: As soon as you enter a European country as an asylum seeker, its government will give you a house. This is a significant and unrealistic claim. No country and no government give a private home to any of its refugees. Also, asylum seekers cannot live freely in the territory of the country they entered. In addition, the asylum seeker may be forced to live in a remote place where no one understands their language.

8- Refugees are given jobs in large companies: There are large industrial companies in Europe, especially in Germany, which are constantly looking for young workers. For this reason, Germany or Great Britain accepts five thousand immigrants every day, which needs their labor force. This is also an absurd claim. No matter how skilled the asylum seeker is; He will not have the right to work in any European country until his duty is determined and he proves that he meets the conditions of asylum or not. This happens while some European countries welcome legal immigrants who intend to work in this country. Especially people who have been able to receive a job offer in a country from an employer.

The truth is that it is quite possible to find work in these countries in some in-demand occupations. There are some high-paying jobs in Europe whose income is tempting.


9- Refugees are sent to Canada: If you don't like living in European countries, the governments of these countries will provide you with an immigration visa to Canada for free. This is just an empty claim and a pure lie. European countries not only have no responsibility for accepting refugees but there has never been and never will be such an agreement between Canada and EU member states. So please don't be fooled by the baseless promises of smugglers!

10- Refugees are welcomed at the borders: Countries send buses to the European borders during Christmas and New Year to transport the refugees to their homeland. This is a very big lie. European countries are very law-abiding, and their immigration laws have no room for giving gifts. To find out about immigration laws, you can get help from an immigration lawyer because there is zero possibility that governments will send buses to the borders for free on various occasions to bring refugees into the territory of one of the countries.

Dear audience, German smugglers have told these rumors to the victims of immigration, that is, asylum seekers, which have been collected by the German government and shared on the website Rumors about Germany. This website aims to inform applicants to immigrate to Germany and protect them from the deception of smugglers.

Important note

When you are in the hands of a trafficker, that is, from the moment you make a deal or agreement with him, you have no control of your own, you are no longer the primary decision-maker for any part of your life. If you fall into the hands of the police, they will blame you and make their work look perfect, but you have no right to protest. In addition to the fact that you have given your life and identity to the smuggler, you have also given your family members, loved ones, and children to him. In this case, the smugglers will decide your moments, sleeping place, lifestyle, food, and clothes.

It should be remembered that the United Nations has named July 30 as the "World Day Against Human Trafficking" to increase the awareness of the world community.

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