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A passport is an official travel document issued by the government to citizens. Holders of this important document will use it to confirm their identity and apply for visas of foreign countries. Afghans with passports and visas will be allowed to enter other countries through land and air routes. Afghans who travel to foreign countries without a passport are considered illegal and face many difficulties and challenges. It is necessary to obtain this important document for approved business trips, illness, and migration and use it for approved foreign trips when necessary.

How to obtain a passport in Bamiyan province?

The applicant goes through the following steps to obtain a passport:

Step 1: Application form

  1. The applicant fills out and submits the passport application form online on the website (passport.moi.gov.af) of the General Directorate of Passports of the Ministry of Interior.
  2. When applying to receive a passport, the previous passport issue number (if obtained), a copy of the Tazkira, and an electronic or hard copy of a photo are required.
  3. After completing the online application form, the system automatically determines the date and time for the applicant to go to the Office/Department of Passport.
  4. Before confirming and sending the form, the online system presents the form as a PDF, which the applicant can print and save.
  5. Four 5x4 size photos with a white background, a previous passport, as well as the original and copy of the identification card, are considered necessary documents for obtaining a passport.
  6. If the applicant is under 18 years of age, the permission of the father or a guardian to obtain a passport will also be arranged.

Step 2: Processing the application

  1. After receiving the application date from the General Directorate of Passports website, the applicant should go to the Office/Department of Passport of Bamiyan province and submit the application form and the required documents to the relevant staff so that the passport officer can approve the issue order.
  2. Before going to the Office/Department of Passport, the applicant ensures the existence of the original and copy of the Tazkira, four photos, and the original of the previous passport (if obtained).

Step 3: Bank tariff

  1. After obtaining the approval of the Office/Department of Passport, the applicant, by presenting the documents to the relevant staff of the Office/Department of Passport, receives a bank tariff and delivers the passport fee to the representative office of the Afghanistan Bank.
  2. The amount of tariff for the passport is intended for 5 and 10 years, and the fee or amount of the bank tariff is different for applicants under 14 years and for those above.

Step 4: Biometrics information registration

  1. In the biometric stage, the applicant first submits the approved form and the original Tazkira to the non-responsibility assurance. The staff confirms the applicant's non-responsibility by putting his or her finger on the biometric device.
  2. The biodata form is taken to the biometric department, the fingerprints of the four right fingers and thumbs of both hands and then the irises of both eyes are recorded, then the officer responsible for the biometric information confirms and signs; If the applicant has already obtained a passport, the previous passport will be red stamped and canceled or invalidated.
  3. The applicant goes to the document check section, and the relevant staff checks and confirms the applicant's bank receipt and the previous passport.
  4. Then, the applicant is referred to the information or data registration department and submits the original form, bank tariff, photo, copies of the original passport, and Tazkira to the relevant officer; the officer prints a final form, and finally, the applicant carefully reviews the information and verifies its accuracy.
  5. After registering and confirming the information in the system, the applicant may obtain a copy of the information registration form; Usually, the relevant officer of the Office/Department of Passport signs a copy of the applicant's information registration form and mentions the possible issuance date of the passport.

Step 5: Receiving the passport

  1. The applicant goes to the Department of Telecommunications in Bamiyan province and presents a receipt, a photo, an original, and a copy of his Tazkira, and then receives the passport.
  2. If a person is receiving his child's passport, he must present the original and copy of his Tazkira, a bank receipt, a photo, and the original and copy of the child's Tazkira.
  3. If a person is receiving his spouse's passport, he must present the original and copy of his Tazkira, his marriage certificate, receipt, a photo, and the original and copy of his/her spouse’s Tazkira.

Reobtaining (Musana) the passport

  1. To apply for reobtaining a passport, the applicant goes to the website of the General Directorate of Passports and fills out the passport online application form.
  2. The necessary documents to reobtain the passport are:

filling out the passport application form, radio announcement document, four 5x4 photos, original Tazkira, and copy of his/her lost or damaged original passport.

  1. From now on, all procedures for obtaining a new and normal passport will be followed in the reobtaining process as well.

Provincial Address

Bamiyan City, Behind the Airport, Police Headquarters, Office/Department of Passport

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