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Afghans with E-tazkira (NID Card) will have access to services that will resolve and simplify their civic needs to a large extent, needs such as education, health, passport, marriage certificate, inheritance letter, marriage certificate, work permit, driving license, travel permit, pensions, voting, insurance, employment, and other services.

How to obtain an E-tazkira in Bamiyan province?

The applicant goes through the following steps to obtain an E-tazkira:

Step 1: Application form

  1. The applicant fills out and submits the E-tazkira application form online on the website (nid.nsia.gov.af). Or download the electronic tazkira paper forms from the website of the National Statistics and Information Authority (nsia.gov.af) or obtain them from the civil registration offices in the center and districts of Bamiyan province, fill them in, and go to Electronic Tazkira distribution centers.
  2. When applying for an E-tazkira, a copy of the paper tazkira and a photo with a white background are required.
  3. If the applicant does not have a paper tazkira and is under 18, they provide a copy of the tazkira of a close relative.
  4. If the applicant does not have a paper tazkira and is 18 years old or older, a copy of the E-tazkira of a close relative, and copies of the E-tazkira of two verifiers must be provided.
  5. After completing the online E-tazkira application form, the applicants will choose the E-tazkira distribution center near them in Bamiyan province.
  6. After completing the online application form, the system automatically assigns the applicant a date and time of the visit.
  7. The online system provides the E-tazkira forms as PDFs, which the applicant can print and save.

Step 2: Visiting the E-tazkira distribution center

  1. During the visit, the applicants prepare the E-tazkira application form, which they submit to the E-tazkira distribution center.
  2. The E-tazkira distribution center verifies the applicant's Afghan identity for applicants under 18 based on the confirmation of the head of the family and 18 years and older applicants after presenting a copy of the E-tazkira of one of the legal relatives and two Afghan verifiers with E-tazkira.
  3. The applicant pays a fee of 500 AFN for the E-tazkira and receives a copy of the receipt.


Step 3: Biometric information registration

  1. After completing the documents, the photo and biometric information of the applicant, including fingerprints and irises will be registered.
  2. The head of the family signs the form, and it is necessary for the applicants to review their information carefully before confirming it.
  3. The distribution center for E-tazkira checks the applicant's documents, verifies the information, sends the E-tazkira to the printing house and a receipt with a receiving date is issued to the applicant.

Step 4: Receiving the E-tazkira

  1. Finally, on the specified date and time, the applicant will visit the relevant center in Bamiyan province and collect his E-tazkira.
  2. E-tazkira will be given to the applicant, the head, or a member of the family who is over 18 years old and has a receipt.

Reobtaining (Musana) E-tazkira

  1. The applicant first fills out the family and individual form to obtain E-tazkira.
  2. The necessary documents to obtain an E-tazkira are a radio announcement document, confirmation of the local council, and a copy of an E-tazkira or paper tazkira.
  3. After filling out the application form and providing the required documents, the applicants go to one of the E-tazkira distribution centers in Bamiyan Province. After going through the application process, they re-obtain the E-tazkira.

Provincial address

Bamiyan City, behind the Airport, Tonal-e-Kalan Street, E-tazkira Distribution Center.

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