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What is Beporsed?

This website has been developed as a resource for Afghan people seeking information about resettlement pathways and services provided by different organisations and entities in Afghanistan. Beporsed translates to "Ask" from Dari.

The information hosted on this site is updated regularly. The Beporsed team are adding new and updated resources to the site on an ongoing basis.

Beporsed is a Signpost project,  is a community-led information service that delivers critical information through digital channels and social media, equipping communities with timely and actionable information to make critical decisions on the issues that matters the most to them.

What kind of assistance does Beporsed  provides?

Beporsed exists to provide responsive, timely and accurate information on resettlement pathways available to Afghan nationals seeking safety. It also includes information for Afghans in Afghanistan about different services available to them in the country.

On, you can:

  • Read more about legal and safe resettlement options for Afghan nationals. 
  • Find the different services offered by INGOs, NGOs and other entities in Afghanistan for Afghans
  • Guidance on acquiring civil documents, such as passports or national ID cards

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We will help you find the right information to answer questions you may have.  

Please keep in mind that Beporsed cannot:

❌ Provide any legal advice on individual cases

❌ Process or speed up your visa or asylum applications